We are a group of interdisciplinary scholars of organization theory, sociology, labor markets, entrepreneurship and careers. 

We have three main "foci" in our lab.


Our research focuses on organizational practices that affect the early-career stage of individuals. On the side of organizations, we investigate the practices organizations use to recruit and integrate early-career stage individuals into organizations such as tryouts, and their effects on who gets hired and what they are paid. On the side of early-stage individuals, we study social psychological processes that affect the outcomes people obtain. Ultimately, by investigating both individuals and organizations, our findings point out how organizational practices can be designed to reduce inequality at the early stage that can have lasting effects.


 A second branch of our research focuses on social relationships. We study access to relationships in professional settings, and what we term relational inequality–i.e. the differential access that individuals have to relationships that could move their career forward. We develop and test theory about where relational inequality comes from, organizational contributions to it, and its effects on outcomes such as hiring and pay. We are finding evidence of how managers utilize relationships “actively” as tools that may unintentionally lead to advantages for some and disadvantages for others.  As we discover ways relational inequality is produced, we also study ways to reduce it.


A third branch of our research focuses on assessments of quality and commitment for economic actors, from entrepreneurs to established sellers of goods and services. We are finding that there are nuanced ways audiences assess quality and commitment, and that such evaluations are often affected by the demographic characteristics of the people that are being evaluated. These can fall along gender or racial lines, but also along other demographic characteristics. We also consider how the nature of hiring and work is changing, and the effects this has not just on individuals but also organizations.

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